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Automatic discharging filter machine
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简介Introduction of pressure leaf filter
MG Series automatic slagging pressure leaf filter is one kind of pressure filtration equipment. Under pressure, the solid particles in the filtrate will be trapped on the filter leaves, and the filter cake is formed gradually. Under pressure, the filtrate goes through the filter cake. Then the filtrate outflow tube body through the filter tip. At last, you can get clear filtrate.
特点Advantages of pressure leaf filter
1. Automatic discharge of cake
2. Saving of oil/moisture in cake
3. Dry or wet cake discharge possible
4. No requirement of filter cloth
5. Butterfly valve or wedge lock closing ar bottom with or without heel leaf
6. Higher filtration rate
7. Less installation area
8. The leaves are manufactured with 5 layers or 7 layers design.
技术参数Technique data of pressure leaf filter
适用行业 Application industry of pressure leaf filter
1, Petrochemical industry: polyether, diesel, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil.
2, Mineral oils and base oils: dibutyl, dioctyl.
3, Oil: crude oil, edible oil, gasification oil, winter of oil.
4, Food: gelatin, salad oil, starch, syrup, monosodium glutamate, milk, etc.
5, Pharmaceuticals: hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, glycerol, etc.
6, Paint: varnishes, resins paint, lacquers, varnishes and other.
Address:Torch Park West High Tech Development Zone
Tel:86-0373-3528668 3528669
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