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MFD Square sieve machine
Adddate:【2016-02-13 14:12:08】 From:Remont
MFD series of  square sieve machine is one of the newest design of Xinxiang Remont Machine CO., Ltd. It proves: This product is a kind of new ideal powder sieving equipment.
The equipment is suitable for the food industry, such as: refined starch powder, protein powder, slag feed, sugar, wheat gluten; chemical industry, such as: titanium dioxide, such as soda ash sifting. The production of the product change the material of the original wood frame and aluminum alloy frame, and make the stainless steel to be up to the requirement of the food, which also can make promise that the parts contact with the material made in 304 stainless steel.
1. Large output, wide application; the new appearance of the screen body, sturdiness and durability. In the starch industry, it can not only solve the problem of the fineness of the powder, but also have a good cooling effect on the starch drying.
2. Space saving, high efficiency, large output, energy saving, stable running and simple maintenance.
3. Severak sieves cooperate in special way between each other, convenient disassembly and assembly, excellent sealing performance; long term using with a beautiful appearance.
应用application industry
- Widely applied in modern flour mills and rice grinding mills.
- Mainly used for grinded wheat and middle material sifting, can also be used for flour check sifting.
- Different sieving design serves for different sifting passages and different middle materials.
 The technical dimentions:
技术参数Technique data
Model Silos Sieve area
MFD1*10*88 1  5.2 3-4  1.1  550  1500x1700x1800
MFD1*10*120 1  7.1  4-5  1.5  800  1900x2000x2200
MFD2*10*88 2  12.6 5-7  1.5  1000  2250x1520x2200
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