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Ultrasonic vibration sieve
Adddate:【2016-02-13 14:36:27】 From:Remont
MC series of ultrasonic vibrating screen has adopted with advanced techniques and high sophisticated screening equipment. It consists of two parts: the ultrasonic equipment and vibrating screen, which is an important breakthrough in screening efficiency. It has the advantage of high efficiency in handling different problems such as aggregation, high static, great precision and strong adsorption etc. The products' quality and technology have been reached the advanced international standard. Ore can be made as fine as 500 meshes, and the performance of material handled will never be changed. Screening precision can be reached to 1~100%, the output can be reached to 0.5~10 times.
主要特点Main features
1.The ultrasonic vibrating screen can solve such difficulties as high absorption, easy clustering, high static, high precision, light proportion,etc.
2.Control the sieving granularity scale effectively.
3.Realize the high sieving precision to achieve the best sieving effect.
4.A set of intelligent ultrasonic generator can be used with three controllers at the same time.
5.Ensure long-term clean screen.
技术参数Technique data
1.Grading: separation of particles into groups of comparable size from the materials.
2.Filtering: removal of solids from liquids and slurries.
3.Reclamation: removal of the solids from waste product or clarification of waste liquor for further use.
4.Screening: separation of a few oversize particles from a quantity of materials.
5.Liquid cleaning: cleaning of wastewater or removing the solids from recirculation liquid.
Address:Torch Park West High Tech Development Zone
Tel:86-0373-3528668 3528669
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