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    Remont corporate culture is being recognized by all the staffs and business leaders.
    The core of Remont corporate culture is innovation. It is a unique cultural system gradually formed in the fierce market competition.
    The guide of Remont culture is concept innovation; The direction is strategy innovation; The gurantee is organization innovation. The tools is technology innovation ; The goal is market innovation. It accompany Remont company from small to big, from big to strong, from China to the world ...
    Remont culture itself is also constantly innovate and develop. Employees generally recognized, active participation is the most significant feature Remont culture. Currently, Remont's goal is to create China's world famous brand, winning glory for the nation. Each staff is trying their best to achive this goal!
Address:Torch Park West High Tech Development Zone
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After sales service telephone:86-0373-2136369 
Website:www.remont.cn www.remont.com.cn
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