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Professional design, to meet the special needs of the industry!

Since shaker very wide range of applications, our company based on years of professional experience, combined with actual customer demand, technological change, innovation, special materials and industrial design customized complete solutions, the following part of the design for my company to deal with the case! for reference only!
First, the food industry
For food production, hygiene requirements, our company shaker made a number of structural details of optimization designed to meet the sanitary conditions;
A, mesh optimization design of solid support;

B, connecting structure professional design;

C, using food-grade sealing materials, has been recognized by customers.

Second, the screening program under gas closed conditions (plus a rare gas, isolated from the air screening, etc.)


Different sectors of the gas and closing conditions, requirements vary, the solution is different. We have through the installation of the cast, the discharge port supporting components; changing the screening machine main structure, a unified unit interface specification etc. means to complete the transformation of a number of customer service, to good effect.

Third, the large throughput, rapid screening program


In a variety of expansion module with vertical-type shaker, in order to achieve lower station, feeding a continuous uniform, a variety of production conditions can be mobile stations, dust collection, etc. requirements, greatly improve production efficiency.

Fourth, the small movable screening workstation solutions

The program can be in any kind of vibration sieve basis, together with the auxiliary storage material, feeding, discharging and other components to form a comprehensive screening system, you can easily solve production organization associated with screening.
Five solve problems more individual screening program

In the screening work, often encounter this kind of problem affecting screening effect. During the course of each household services, we have accumulated a lot of ways to solve these problems, we have achieved good results;
Please tell me the problem you encountered in the screening, grading process, we will contact you as soon as possible, provide you with professional screening program!

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