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Work characteristics of ceramic shaker and Scope
Adddate:【2016-02-17 09:20:54】 From:Remont

Ceramic shaker shaker is a classification model, this type of screening machine and other screening machine is different, its upper sieve is straight style, easy to add material screening materials such as ceramic slurry and the observation screen surface Happening.
A ceramic shaker work characteristics:
1. Small size, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance.
2. Inefficient energy, automatic classification, smooth operation, low noise, continuous production.
3. sealed, the liquid does not leak, large capacity, high screening precision, the latest available to 500 mesh, the finest filtration to 5μm.
4. spout be adjusted up to 360 degrees.
5. Can all types of slurry quickly remove insoluble material, pulp ejected automatically.
6. The new network structure, long life screen, mesh deformation, for network only 3-5 minutes, members no dead ends, easy thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
7. The high-power motor, waterproof and dustproof device, long life, more safe and secure.
Second, the scope
Chemical industry: paint, ink, paste, drinks, latex paint, aluminum paste.
Food industry: starch, fruit juice, milk, beverages, dairy products, condiments.
Other Activities: the slurry, waste, liquid and other Western

Address:Torch Park West High Tech Development Zone
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